Guided tours regulations

1. Visitors must always be led by the internal guide staff of the catacomb of St. Sebastian.
2. Tickets sold are non-refundable.
3. Visitors and/or booked groups arriving on time have priority over visitors without reservation.
4. No one can visit the catacomb independently or with private guides, or move away from their group during the tour, or visit paths that are not open to the public.
5. For groups of less than two people, we reserve the right to postpone the visit to a later time.
6. The visit of the catacomb takes about 40 minutes. The temperature is about 17 degrees and the humidity rate is very high. We recommed wearing adequate clothing.
7. In the event that the booked group does not speak one of the five available languages (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish), your visit can be done with the help of an external guide, always accompanied by the staff of the catacomb.
8. During a guided tour, no one is allowed to translate the explanation of the authorized accompanying guide into other languages so as not to disturb and slow down the visit.
9. It is forbidden to take photos and videos inside the catacomb.
10. In case of violations, the authorized accompanying guide of the catacomb has the right to invite the visitor to leave.
11. Visitors at the entrance of the catacomb are required to present the ticket to the guide who will verify its regularity, in accordance herewith.
12. Visitors are required to keep the entrance ticket throughout the visit, as checks may be carried out during the tour by the Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archeology.
13. It is forbidden to introduce animals into the catacomb.
14. Smoking is prohibited.
15. The groups of visitors must be composed of a number of persons proportionate to the capacity of the catacomb and, preferably, not exceeding 45 people in order to allow effective surveillance to avoid damage to the monument, the removal of movable objects as well as to ensure the safety of visitors.
16. The catacomb cannot be visited by people on a wheelchair due to insurmountable architectural barriers.
17. The visit of the catacombs is not recommended for those who have serious walking problems as the tour includes 70 irregular steps to get down and up. It is not possible to sit and there is no elevator.
18. The visit of the catacomb is not recommended for people with claustrophobia.
19. It is forbidden to touch the exhibits displayed along the way.
20. It is forbidden to introduce bulky objects (luggage, musical instruments, banners, etc.).
21. It is forbidden to eat or drink in the catacomb.
22. It is recommended to wear clothing appropriate to the place and behave properly.
23. It is forbidden to use earphones and private radio transmitters.